Qatar Affirms that Principles of Respecting States Sovereignty, Peaceful Settlement of Disputes Are Essential Pillars of Its Foreign Policy
The State of Qatar has affirmed that adherence to international law; good governance at all levels; friendly relations between states and respect for their sovereignty; and the peaceful settlement of disputes have been necessary to spare humanity massive suffering, adding that these as well as principles stipulated in the Charter of the United Nations are of renewed importance, and must be respected and strengthened if the world is to avoid a return to the dark past. Qatar further emphasized that these principles constitute basic pillars of its foreign policy.
Qatar's Embassy in France Provides Support for Medical Personnel in Paris Hospitals
The Embassy of the State of Qatar in the French Republic has provided support to the association of 'Paris Hospitals - France Hospitals' and its medical apparatus, as part of the campaign launched by the Embassy under a banner of solidarity with the French Republic and as an encouragement to the huge medical sector efforts and its maximum capacity to fight the coronavirus (Covid-19) in French society and look after the infected.