Qatar Participates in One Planet Summit
The State of Qatar participated in the One Planet Summit in Paris on Tuesday. The Summit aimed at increasing awareness of developed and developing countries of the importance of implementing the Paris Agreement as well as assessing achievements regarding their commitments to this Agreement.
Qatar Reiterates Commitment to Humanitarian Action
The State of Qatar has reiterated its commitment to humanitarian action based on the principle of cooperation, partnership, impartiality and neutrality, expressing confidence that the efforts of the international community will have a positive impact in facing and overcoming the pressing challenges facing the international community and to advance the implementation of the 2030 Sustainable Development Plan.
Qatar's Ambassador to Moldova Lectures on Overcoming Siege
HE the State of Qatar's Ambassador to the Republic of Moldova, Mohammed bin Ali Al Malki, gave a lecture at Moldova State University's Faculty of International Relations, Political Sciences and Public Administration on the unjust siege imposed on the State of Qatar, the country's steadfastness against such inhumane siege, its ability to overcome its effects, and its renaissance role in the region and the world.
Qatar Condemns New York Bombing
The State of Qatar expressed its strong condemnation of the bombing at a subway station in New York City, which caused a number of injuries.