Qatar Expresses Deep Concern, Disappointment over Decision to Suspend Study of Girls, Women in Afghanistan's Universities

Doha - Media & Communication Dept. - December 20 

The State of Qatar expresses deep concern and disappointment with the Afghan caretaker government's decision to suspend girls' and women's studies in Afghan universities until further notice. 

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs stresses that these negative practices will have a significant impact on human rights, development, and the economy in Afghanistan. 

As a Muslim country in which women enjoy all their rights, especially education, the State of Qatar calls on the Afghan caretaker government to review its decision in line with the teachings of the Islamic religion concerning women's rights, the statement added. 

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs underscores the position of the State of Qatar supporting all spectra of Afghan people to obtain all their rights, particularly the right to education. It also renewed the deep commitment of the State of Qatar to work with its Afghan and international partners to ensure that all groups of Afghan people of all ages enjoy their right to education.