Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Urges International Community to Pressure Israeli Occupation for Immediate Safe Corridors in Gaza

Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Urges International Community to Pressure Israeli Occupation for Immediate Safe Corridors in Gaza

Doha - Media & Communication Dept. - January 23 

Official Spokesperson for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Dr. Majed bin Mohammed Al Ansari reiterated the State of Qatar's firm position on the hazardous debate on a possible new displacement or a second Nakba for the Palestinian brothers, saying that the expulsion of Palestinians from their land over the course of the past 76 years was enough.

In his weekly media briefing, Dr. Al Ansari stressed the perilous debate on the ongoing situation in the Gaza Strip, which centers upon forcibly displacing the Gaza population, 60 percent of whom are already refugees from other areas of occupied Palestine, indicating that the move would be a humanitarian tragedy and that the region cannot endure a new wave of refugees.

He added that dealing with the possible expulsion as a minor problem along with the reiterated Israeli statements on it violates the entire international system that prohibits such direct human rights breaches. He added that the ongoing situation in the southern Gaza Strip is an unprecedented humanitarian catastrophe that leads to a greater tragedy for the densely populated enclave and that the debate on their expulsion would result in more killing and loss of lives, expressing his regret that there is no real international outcry or action to stop this.

The ongoing controversy over mentioning the term ceasefire in a conflict whose victims are mostly civilians is horrifying, and the relentless war claims more lives, with hundreds of Palestinians being killed, Dr. Al Ansari said, noting that the martyrs totaled over 25,000 and the wounded surpassed 60,000, amid reports that over five percent of Gaza's population either dead, wounded or missing, which means the war will only result in further tragedies and losses.

He highlighted that the situation in northern Gaza is much worse than the rest of the Strip, with neither aid delivery nor hospitals. He added that the incidents being highlighted there have never been in any crisis elsewhere in the world in the modern era, with bodies in the streets, hundreds missing under the rubble and the rescue cries are gradually fading out amid a lack of efforts for aid delivery.

This is something that cannot be accepted and requires clear action by the international community to pressure the Israeli occupation to open safe corridors to the Strip immediately and enter the largest possible amount of aid, which will not be sufficient due to the magnitude of the tragedy, Dr. Al Ansari said.

Commenting on the Israeli occupation's bombardment of the Nasser Medical Complex, he stressed that the State of Qatar denounced from the first day the blatant human rights violations in Gaza and the systematic targeting of the Strip's hospitals.

The occupation did not leave a single hospital capable of playing its role in saving people, and the voice of those calling for an end to attacks on hospitals and medical staff has gradually become louder, Dr. Al Ansari said, warning of the direct targeting of physicians, patients, wounded, displaced people, and medical facilities, which will only result in turning the Strip into a major humanitarian disaster for which the occupation and those who support it should be held accountable. 

Official Spokesperson for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Dr. Majed bin Mohammed Al Ansari revealed that the Qatar-led mediation efforts have been ongoing and did not stop from day one, affirming that the State of Qatar is seizing all possible opportunities to reach a solution with various regional and global parties, expressing his optimism for the success of this mediation by virtue of these efforts that will never stop whatever the circumstances on the ground.

Things are rapidly changing, with the relentless escalation and intricate humanitarian situation affecting the mediation process, Al Ansari said, emphasizing that if the war drags on, it will lead to further deaths and injuries, therefore work must be done for a durable ceasefire. He pointed out that Qatar is engaged in serious negotiations and discussions between the two parties, however, the information, leaks, and remarks about displacement, rebuffing the two-state solution, and the continuation of war adversely affect the progress of these negotiations and subsequently lead to difficult discussions.

Al Ansari added that the State of Qatar is engaging in a sensitive mediation process, but challenges are immense, adding that Qatar realizes that converging the viewpoints considering a complete loss of confidence is not an easy matter, and this is what Qatar sees now.

The matter becomes more difficult with the increase of war pace, and Qatars position has not been negative from day one in its efforts, but offered numerous suggestions and reached an agreement in the previous pause, notwithstanding many entities that try to besmirch the reputation of Qatar, Al Ansari asserted, stressing that these things will never dissuade Qatar from pursuing the mediation efforts to achieve peace.

Commenting on the visit of the US President's senior Middle East adviser to the region and his anticipated discussions with Qatar, the Official Spokesperson for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs highlighted that Qatar is in a permanent engagement with the American side with ongoing visits and sharing perspectives about handling such type of crises. He added that Qatar welcomes all efforts that cease the fighting and give a real impetus for the peace process for the Palestinian cause, pointing out that the visit comes within the framework of the unwavering engagements with many officials in the US Administration, along with the Qatar-led mediation efforts to stop the war and immediately get the assistance and respond clearly to the Israeli remarks on the two-state solution.

Regarding the incidents in the Red Sea, Dr. Majed bin Mohammed Al Ansari emphasized that such incidents pose a great danger to the region, affirming that there is no military solution for them, and it is imperative to support all regional efforts for de-escalation there.
He stressed that such a matter started when the situation in the occupied territories deteriorated, confirming that the situation in the Red Sea will end by ending the war in the occupied territories, affirming that the Qatari position on the escalation in the region is firmly unwavering which is to optimally handle the disputes through dialogue with the regional system.

Official Spokesperson for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Dr. Majed bin Mohammed Al Ansari reviewed the ministry's efforts, along with the efforts made by its officials during the past week, during which they met with many heads of governments, ministers and high-ranking officials from the countries of the world, in addition to their participation in numerous major global events such as Davos Economic Forum, Non-Alignment meetings and other major global events. He pointed out that these meetings touched on bilateral relations and developments of the situation at regional and global levels.