Remarks on the Siege on the State of Qatar

Remarks on the Siege on the State of Qatar

Doha - Information Office - 14 June

HE the Director of Information Office at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs expressed the State of Qatar's surprise and denunciation of describing the current situation, of cutting off diplomatic and economic relations with Qatar and closing land, sea and air spaces as a boycott, despite international consensus that it is an illegal siege, pointing to remarks made by some officials in the GCC countries that severed their relations with Qatar.

In remarks to Qatar News Agency (QNA), he said that the closure of the Qatar's only land port, as well as the closure of the airspace and sea routs by the sisterly Gulf States, cannot be described as a boycott. Rather, it is in accordance with the legal logic, a declared siege aimed at putting the State of Qatar, its citizens and residents under pressure to achieve political purposes. He described the position to be contrary to fraternal ties, Islamic principles, international law and the international humanitarian law.

He pointed out that making baseless allegation is unacceptable nor it is logical in the relations between the brotherly countries and peoples, stressing that the State of Qatar completely rejects linking its name with false allegations on financing of terrorism or even claiming its failure to fight terrorism.

HE the Director of the Foreign Ministry's Information Office said that in order to preserve fraternal relations with sisterly countries, the State of Qatar refuses to take similar measures by accusing the sister Gulf countries in this regard, despite the fact that these accusations have been internationally proven against many persons and entities carrying the nationalities of these countries according to the United Nations (UN's) lists of terrorist organizations and individuals.

He stressed that Qatar, as stated in the statement issued by the Cabinet on June 5, 2017, has taken all necessary measures and obtained all its needs of food and other items earlier and in accordance with a strategy and plans of the State in this regard. He added that Qatar does not need food or medicine relief, it rather continues to provide assistance to the affected areas, moved by its established principles of extending a helping hand to all humanity.

He also stressed that the offer made by the HE Foreign Minister of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, to provide food and medical aid to the State of Qatar, unequivocally confirms that the closure of land, air and sea ports by the sisterly Gulf States is a siege, not a boycott, and reflects the clear contradiction in the remarks by officials of those countries.

He pointed to the cases of separating families, forcing citizens to leave and preventing them from travelling between countries, asking, "Is this also just a boycott and not a siege?"