Qatar Informs UN Security Council of Bahraini Military Boats' Violation of its Regional Waters

Qatar Informs UN Security Council of Bahraini Military Boats' Violation of its Regional Waters

New York - Information Office - January 01

The State of Qatar informed the United Nations Security Council that Bahraini military boats violated its regional waters on Wednesday, Nov. 25 of 2020, and called on the UN to take the appropriate measures to maintain international peace and security and put an end to Bahraini violations.

This came in a message by HE Permanent Representative of the State of Qatar to the United Nations Ambassador Sheikha Alya Ahmed bin Saif Al-Thani addressed to HE Permanent Representative of South Africa and President of the Security Council for this month Jerry Matjela, and HE Secretary-General of the United Nations Antonio Guterres, in which the State of Qatar condemned these dangerous and illegal acts.

The message said that the Bahraini military boats entered the State of Qatar's regional waters illegally without permission, which represents a violation of Qatar's sovereignty and a threat to its security. The message also said that this violation, coming close to the violation of Qatari airspace on Dec. 9 of 2020, escalates tensions and shows that the Kingdom of Bahrain's disregard for its commitment under the international law. The message also added that the Kingdom of Bahrain is attempting to create incidents that could destabilize and increase tensions in the region, which represents a threat to regional and international peace and security.

The message referenced the ruling of the International Court of Justice regarding maritime delimitation and territorial questions between the State of Qatar and Bahrain in 2001, which must be adhered to. The message stressed that the State of Qatar is abiding by the ruling and is exercising its sovereign rights in line with its regional borders' rights. The State of Qatar also highlighted articles 34 and 35 of the UN charter, renewing its request to take the appropriate measures in line with those two articles in order to put an end to Bahraini violations.

The message concluded by saying that the State of Qatar is committed to remaining a good neighbor, exercising restraint in the face of provocative acts, expressing its condemnation and rejection of any violation of its sovereignty, and that it reserves the right to take all the necessary legal measures to defend its borders and airspace in line with international laws and regulations.