Qatar: the Time has Come to Find New Paths towards a Real and Comprehensive Political Solution and Transition in Syria

Qatar: the Time has Come to Find New Paths towards a Real and Comprehensive Political Solution and Transition in Syria

Doha / Information Office / March 15

The State of Qatar has expressed its belief that the time has come to find new avenues and paths towards a real and comprehensive political solution and transition in Syria on the basis of the "Geneva 1" statement and Security Council resolution 2254, stressing at the same time on the need for the international community to unite to support the Syrian people in facing the pandemic COVID-19.

This came in a speech by HE Assistant Minister of Foreign Affairs and Official Spokesperson of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Lolwah Rashid Al-Khater, before the high-level virtual Side Event held on Monday under the title "Syria - Accountability After 10 Years" on the sidelines of the 46th session of the Human Rights Council.

Her Excellency said that nearly a decade has passed since the start of the Syrian crisis, and the humanitarian crisis and the suffering of the Syrian people continues. She expressed regret that the efforts of the international community had failed to reach amicable solutions.

HE Al-Khater stated that after a decade of turmoil, all parties have realized and agreed that the solution in Syria is not a military one, but a political one. In this regard, she indicated that keenness to achieve the stability, unity and independence of Syria and make it over narrow political interests must be the main pillar for any future solution between the different parties.

"Moreover, concerted efforts must also be made to combat terrorism in all its forms and manifestations. But most importantly, we must ensure that the path towards a real solution includes transitional justice and a commitment to protect human rights and the rights of civilians," she added.

Her Excellency the Assistant Foreign Minister said that the efforts of the United Nations Secretary-General and the Special Envoy for Syria in supporting a political path to reach a peaceful solution to the Syrian crisis are greatly appreciated, and we, as an international community, must support these efforts and work to support the efforts of the Constitutional Committee and the implementation of all elements of Security Council Resolution 2254.

HE Al-Khater considered that the continuation of the Syrian crisis does not only mean the continuation of the political crisis, but more importantly, the continuation of the humanitarian crisis, even with all the efforts made by the international community to help the Syrian people face this crisis. "We have failed to elevate peoples suffering, and this crisis has now been exacerbated with the spread of the COVID-19, a pandemic that has exhausted even the most prosperous of nations struggling to face it." she added.

Her Excellency wondered, then how can a country like Syria, face its own ordeal and deal with such a pandemic in addition to its heavy and burdensome challenges.

At the end of her speech, the Assistant Foreign Minister affirmed, "We believe that it is crucial for the international community, as well as the UN bodies, to come together in support of the Syrian people in facing this humanitarian challenge, and we must work actively to provide aid, and ensure that this aid reaches all those in need in accordance with the relevant Security Council resolutions."