Qatar's Ambassador Praises Algeria's Position Towards Gulf Crisis As "Honourable"

Qatar's Ambassador Praises Algeria's Position Towards Gulf Crisis As

Algiers / Information Office / July 25

HE the State of Qatar's Ambassador to Algeria Ibrahim bin Abdulaziz Al Sahlawi has praised the Algerian position towards the Gulf crisis, calling it as "honourable".

In an interview with Algerian Al-Khabar newspaper, HE Ambassador Al Sahlawi said that the position of Algeria is very honorable and in line with its foreign policy which is based on the preference of dialogue to resolve differences and abide by the principle of non-interference in the internal affairs of countries and respect for their sovereignty,". He added that this is what was not respected by the countries of the blockade. He said Algeria's stance places it in the rank of a State that reassures everyone and in a way that qualifies it to play an effective role in resolving Arab-Arab differences.

HE the Ambassador reaffirmed Doha's readiness for dialogue with Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and the UAE. "We in Qatar believe in dialogue as the only way and a strategic option to resolve the dispute with the three Gulf States," he said.

HE the Qatari Ambassador stressed that any dialogue to resolve the crisis must be based on respect for the sovereignty of each country and rejection of dictates, as well as joint commitment, taking into account the independent foreign policy of each country.

He hailed the active role played by HH the Emir of Kuwait Sheikh Sabah Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah as part of the efforts exerted by Kuwait to resolve the crisis and heal the rift, expressing his full confidence in these good endeavors and his appreciation for the sincere efforts.

HE Ambassador Al Sahlawi rejected accusation against the State of Qatar of terrorism. "The accusation is not based on factual or moral grounds, he underlined . He said: "We are cooperating with the international community in the fight against terrorism and combating its financing". The measures taken by the siege countries against Qatar disrupt these efforts, stressing that what we are now witnessing from the siege countries is political and intellectual terrorism that disrupts efforts to combat terrorism, which requires collective action, he added.

HE Ambassador Al Sahlawi noted that Qatar is the first country to sign the first memorandum of understanding with the United States on combating terrorism financing. It is fighting terrorism relentlessly and there is international recognition of Qatar's role in combating terrorism, he said.

"We call on the countries of the blockade to join us and sign a similar agreement," he said, pointing out that the State of Qatar has been positive from the beginning by calling for constructive dialogue leading to settlement and resolution. This is Qatar's normal behavior and the siege countries have to follow the same approach, HE the Ambassador noted.

He referred to Qatar's contribution to the fight against terrorism by providing educational opportunities for more than 7 million children and creating more than 300,000 jobs to give hope to those at risk of recruitment by terrorist groups. "It is shameful to accuse us of helping and financing extremist groups, HE the Ambassador added. HE the Ambassador said: "In fact, there are media revelations that present an image which is contrary to the truth against Qatar, and fabrications that trying to undermine its security and stability and trying to demonize Qatar, based on false stories and fabrications." And on what observers see that t the Qatar News Agency hacking and that the UAE stand behind it and the publication of an address attributed to the HH Emir of the State of Qatar was the cause of crisis, HE the Ambassador said "Since the beginning of the crisis, we have always been calling for an investigation into the crime of the Qatar News Agency hacking and publishing of a false address attributed to HH the Emir Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al -Thani. However, the last to be fair and revealed the side that was behind the piracy, and exposed those who follow the path of slander, counterfeiting and illusion. And now the picture has become clear to reveal their false allegations , where the US intelligence pointed accusation to the United Arab Emirates, which pirated the account of the Qatar News Agency.

This confirms the results of the investigations carried out by the State of Qatar on the hacking process, which was committed by a Gulf state in a violation of international law and bilateral agreements between States, he added.

HE the Ambassador stressed the right of the State of Qatar to follow up the perpetrators of cybercrime and its instigators before the Qatari courts or competent international bodies in accordance with international law and related bilateral agreements to realize the right first and second to safeguard rights.

He added : "The State of Qatar may resort to the international courts to obtain compensation for the damages it suffered as a result of the unjust siege. Those who impose an unjustified, inhumane and illegal blockade prevent even Qatari citizens from performing Umrah, mixing religious rites in political differences in violation of the divine laws and international conventions .. Any solution to the crisis must include arrangements to prevent any tendency to retaliate against the citizens as a result of a political dispute, as we see today against the Qataris and Gulf citizens, he stressed.

HE the Ambassador stressed that the State of Qatar has complied with all the provisions of the Riyadh Agreement, and there are records attesting to this, and the Riyadh agreement is a collective agreement and not an obligation for Qatar alone. Therefore, the application of measures against Qatar is a clear violation by the siege countries of this agreement because they did not use any mechanism to resolve the potential conflicts, but resorted to the blockade unjustly, in a blatant violation of human rights and a tragedy that affected all the GCC countries' peoples.

HE the Ambassador Qatar does not support the Muslim Brotherhood, because Qatar is a State that supports governments and maintains relations with governments, we are a State, we are not a political party, and so is Hamas, which is on the terrorism list in the United States of America, but it a completely legitimate resistance movement, like the blessed Algerian revolution where the Algerians took up arms to expel the occupier from their land, ". HE Ambassador Al Sahlawi added that Qatar does not support Hamas, but supports the Palestinian people and cooperate with the Palestinian Authority and the presence of" Hamas "in Qatar is a political representation of the movement as in Algeria" .

HE THE ambassador noted that Qatar and Turkey had signed a military agreement before the crisis with the siege countries .. He said, "We do not seek to form a new axis in the region, a Turkish-Iranian-Qatari axis, as you said , because the region does not bear new crises, but the actions against Qatar that are destabilizing the situation. In any case, Qatar will not be the reason for this, noting that there are foreign bases in the embargo countries, especially in the UAE and Bahrain.

At the end of the interview, HE the Qatari Ambassador to Algeria praised all the honorable positions of the sisterly Algeria and said: "The relations between Qatar and Algeria have always been excellent and distinguished since the days of the Algerian revolution and they are in constant development and there is great confidence among the leaders of the two countries and constant consultation and joint cooperation.

He also expressed his hope for the realization of an intensive and fruitful partnership between the two countries along the lines of the various joint industrial projects being carried out in Algeria, such as Algerias Bellara Steel Complex , as a promising project that will enable Algeria to achieve its self-sufficiency, in addition to Ooredoo, and Qatar Airways as one of the first airlines to break the informal blockade imposed on Algeria in the 1990s.